Smart automations for your webstore that save work and earn money

You no longer have to search for the proper arrangement of products in categories, upload an attachment from an email to FTP every morning, manually copy product information to your website from the manufacturer's or distributor's pages.


How can YaraBot help you?

Quick and easy setup, won't take more than 5 minutes.

Next generation AI Chat

Resolves customer inquiries about goods and places orders, recommends products, and increases conversion.

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Smart automatic product ordering

Keep your products sorted on the site to achieve the best margin to turnover ratio.

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Automate invoice processing

Automatically loads invoices from suppliers and imports them into the accounting and warehouse system.

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Entering advice notes into fulfillment

Processes documents for ordered goods and automatically creates an advice note for receipt into the fulfillment warehouse.

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AI Copywriter

Super polished product descriptions in a few clicks

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Parameter Completion

Automatic completion of product parameters from description or image.

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Discount Guard

Checks that the standard price is set correctly and adjusts it if necessary. All automatically.

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Category taxonomy mapping

Automatically assigns categories from your webstore to categories on price comparison websites and marketplaces.

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Planned product updates

Robot that works for you when it is needed

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Automatic category visibility

Manages category visibility so that there are not empty categories in your webstore nor there are any products hidden by mistake.

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Web scraping

Automate the process of regularly downloading information from your supplier's or competitor's website

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Inventory export

Export actual number of stock items exactly when you need it

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Automatic email attachment processing

You no longer have to upload an attachment from an email to FTP every morning. Jara can do it for you.

Document translator

Translates documents in various formats.

Retino data export

Exports you retino tickets data.