Inventory export

Export actual number of stock items exactly when you need it

Do you need to export the number of stock items as of 31.12. or another date to have the correct documentation for the accountant? Don't want to get up at midnight and export everything manually? Jara can do it for you.

Inventory export

How inventory export works

The robot Jara works when it is needed. It will export the inventory for you, for example on 31.12. at midnight. Or any other time.

Exports at any time

Based on the date and time settings, it exports stock at the exact time it is needed.

Accurate records

By exporting the stock status you have an accurate record of the stock status at a given time. You don't have to manually export and adjust stock levels to match.

One-off and recurring

You can use the export once or repeatedly. Either way, you just set it up and then you don't have to think about it. Everything works automatically.


Questions? We've got answers!

With warehouse export, you can regularly export the warehouse inventory at the end of each month, giving you less to worry about.
You don't have to anymore! After signing up, we will immediately credit your account with enough credits for a 14-day trial period. This gives you enough time to test everything without any commitment.

How much does it cost to export products?

Starting at

19 CZK

  • 1 000 products
  • Select product attributes to update
  • You pay only for performed work