Discount Guard

Discounts in accordance with the law

Do you want to be sure that your declared discounts are in accordance to the law? This addon will keep price history and automatically set common price of your items so that the compute discount is in accordance to the law.


Questions? We've got answers!

No, the guard only manages the standard price. Setting the sale price is fully in your control.
The robot can be set up to not change prices. In such case, it will send you a report every day with prices that should be changed.
Yes, the robot keeps price history and you can download it anytime.
You don't have to anymore! After signing up, we will immediately credit your account with enough credits for a 14-day trial period. This gives you enough time to test everything without any commitment.

How much does Discount Guard cost?

Price is based on the number of products in your store. Price computed below are approximation and vary slightly for each store (number of items in the store, number of necessary price updates).

For large stores we offer individual prices. Get in touch (%{phone}, %{email}) for details.


Starting at

19 CZK/monthly

  • 1 000 products
  • Billed daily throughout the month
  • Check all prices in your store every day
  • Set common prices in accordance to the law
  • Email report with performed changes